Hair Care Treatments That You Can Make Yourself

5 Natural Hair Care Treatments That You Can Make Yourself

We often fight with the hair problems that we face. We spend too much money to keep our hair healthy and shining, but sometimes nothing seems to be working. When we have natural products like eggs, yoghurt, honey, etc. that work the best for our hair, then why to go for costly products that too which are chemical based? Here are some treatments that you can try:  

1. For All Types Of Hair

"The [raw] egg is really the best of all worlds," says Janice Cox, author of "Natural Beauty at Home". The protein and fats enriched yolk portion of the egg has the moisturizing quality, while the egg white helps removing unwanted oils. 
How to Use: For your normal hair type, use the entire egg portion to nourish your hair. Apply half (1/2) cup of egg mixture to your clean and damp hair. Cover the entire scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with cold water and shampoo your hair. You can apply this mixture once in a month. 

 2. For Dull Hair 

Too much styling products and also air pollution make your hair look dull and sap the moisture of your hair. On the other hand dairy products like sour cream and plain yoghurt can help fixing this damage. "Lactic acid gently strips away dirt while the milk fat moisturizes," says Lisa Belkin, author of "The Cosmetics Cookbook".                                  
 How to Use: Apply the ½ cup mixture of sour cream and yoghurt to your damp hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse off your hair with warm water and then cold water. Then shampoo your hair like you normally do. This process ca be done every week. 

3. For Itchy Scalp 

Try lemon juice and olive oil for itchy scalp and fight flakes. These flakes occur due to stress, poor diet and some other factors. "The acidity in lemon juice helps rid your scalp of any loose, dry flakes of skin, while the olive oil moisturizes the skin on your head," says Cox.                                                                                                                How to Use: Mix lemon juice, olive oil and water, 2 spoons each in a cup and apply it on your damp hair. Massage for a few minutes and let the mixture on hair for about 20 minutes. Rinse off your hair and try it every other week. 

4. For Dry/ Sun-Damaged Hair

"Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and locks in moisture," says Cox. 
How to Use: Apple half cup honey to your damp hair and massage. You can add 2 tbsp of olive oil to the honey for easy application. If your hair are extremely damaged, mix the honey with an ingredient that is protein enriched like avocado or egg yolk. This will help replenish the keratin protein bonds that UV rays attack. You cn apply the treatment once a month. 

5. For Oily Hair 

"Used properly, [cornmeal or cornstarch] is an inexpensive way to remove oil and grease," says Belkin. 
How to Use: Pour 1 tbsp of cornstarch into an empty salt shaker and sprinkle it on your hair and scalp. Leave it for 10 minutes and then brush it out with the help of a brush or paddle hairbrush. You can try this treatment daily.



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